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Властелина на пръстените

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1 Властелина на пръстените on Съб Сеп 05, 2009 2:51 am

Xena написа:Ако искаш да разбереш кой от властелина си, влез тук:

Аз съм:

You are most like Legolas. Life is good, you're the star. You can take any problem that comes your way. Don't get too cocky, though. Go ahead and enjoy the nature around you, but don't be too reclusive. There are plenty of people who will like you if you just give them the chance.

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2 Re: Властелина на пръстените on Вто Сеп 08, 2009 8:23 pm

You are most like Frodo. You're very friendly, and you have a great personality. Although you like to have fun, you can also be pretty serious at times. It's pretty hard to get you mad, but once you're mad...everybody better look out! Keep that temper under control and realize that you're better off than you may think.
Very Happy

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3 Re: Властелина на пръстените on Чет Сеп 10, 2009 2:41 am

You are most like Galadriel. There's just something about you that people like. A sort of aura. You're very kind to people, and you like to help others succeed. You're not as candid as most people would like. You don't have to share your deepest darkest secrets, but be more honest about things! You're more mature than most people your age, so don't worry!

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